sabato 24 giugno 2017

LIV - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 2/3

Hi readers!!
I'm alive, do not worry about! Life out hobby issues (that are going to continue), and a small lack of willing in painting make me to spent a lot of time to paint this army, that is not so bad to paint, but the results arrive only now.
However, here the last guys, the big bros, the flying bros and the chief bro.

mercoledì 31 maggio 2017

LIII - Showcase: Stormcast eternals army 1/3

Hi readers!
Sorry for the lack of post but in these last weeks I was in a downward spiral of the hobby wave, so I painted very few things and I had nothing to show you. I started fast the Stormcast Eternals army project painting the two units of Liberators in a week or two and doing the tutorial, then I begun the guy with the standard -well you already know I cannot learn the names, please be patient- and I finished it some days ago. My idea was to show all the army but with this rithm maybe next year I'll be ready lol.

martedì 9 maggio 2017

LII - Tutorial: (not the usual) Golden Stormcast

Hi readers!
I am painting a quite big group of Stormcast Eternals, the starter pack army to be precise.
They are not the first stormcast to suffer my attention -the old one were painted in grey and black-, but this time I decided not to invent a painting scheme, but to try do twist the golden classical one to my ideas.

martedì 2 maggio 2017

LI - The Cult of Hidden Knives: The Slender Threadbare

Everything was prepared for the dark ritual. Long black candles filled the air with their disgustingly sweet scent, unholy flutes and drums spreaded their hypnotic and unnatural melodies and, all around, cultists danced drooling, completely sick in the lights of the flames.

martedì 18 aprile 2017

L- The Cult of Hidden Knives: Black Blades

And then I saw him: I could really not say if he is a living being or some kind of energy with the shape of a light agile emotionless warrior. One of his obsidian blades enterend between the two plates of the armour that protect the shoulder and the neck only for a pair of seconds: the hit was so light that the bulky warrior, was not sure that he was wounded, but he realized soon that the blade was covered of poison.

The arm near of the the small cut bended backward and, due the contractions of the muscles, the neck snapped.
Meanwhile, the dark assassin was disappeared in the woods, leaving the sort of the battle doomed, having killed one of the generals.
I barely survived to that battle, and I am not convinced to have seen his emotionless metal face in the moonlight.