Hi readers!
Here my  tutorial, hoping you are going to like them. These are ideas to share, not the best way to paint, but how I do some things.

All those tutorials are clearly free to read: if you want to buy something on eBay, you can use the link on your  right -not only my things, everything using those links-: in this way eBay is going to give to me some commissions -without augment the price to you of course-. Thanks!


3 commenti:

  1. Please make available (again) your excellent tutorial on painting plague bearers!

    1. Hi! That was one of my favourite one: as soon as I'll paint some Nurgle things, I'm going to do the tutorial. Thanks, sorry for the trouble and keep on reading!

    2. Hi! Sorry for the late answer, the Nurgle tutorial is online, and also a new one about Nurgle! Thanks.